Vegan Chraymeh DIY box

Vegan Chraymeh DIY box

This classic North African fish dish will tickle your taste buds! Slowly roasted for several hours on open fire, our chraymeh sauce is rich in peppers and chillies. Our seaweed and tofu mixture is rich and fragrant and full of herbs. Roll up some patties, and tuck in with your fresh pitas. Nothing like it!

  • What's in it for me?

    Maghreb original chraymeh sauce

    Seaweed and tofu pattie mix, ready to roll

    Hand made pita bread (x3)



    Instructions card

  • The important bit

    The small box feeds 3-4 people

    The big box feeds 5-6 people

    Allergens: gluten (pita), sesame (tahini), soy (pattie mix)