Kosher shakshuka Merguez DIY box

Kosher shakshuka Merguez DIY box

Whilst we are not certified Kosher kitchen, our meat comes with a Badatz Halak hechsher,  to bring your brunch game up a notch! Shakshuka has become an absolute brunch staple. A simmering mixture of onions, garlic, tomatoes and bell peppers, with some warming spices is the best answer to your brunch cravings. The perfect partner? Kosher spicy lamb merguez. Tuck in!

  • What's in it for me?

    Maghreb original Shakshuka sauce (small x1, bigx2)

    Free range eggs (smallx6, bigx10)

    KOSHER (Badatz) hand made lamb merguez sausages (smallx9, bigx15)

    Hand made pita bread (smallx3, bigx5)


    Illustrated instructions

  • The important bit

    Feeds 3 people

    Allergens: gluten (pita), sesame (tahini), eggs, sulphites (sausages)