Kosher Arayes DIY box

Kosher Arayes DIY box

Get ready to taste freshness!


Arayes- little pockets of heaven. These meat (lamb and beef) packed pitas are a fantastic fix to lunch or dinner, and we made sure to do all the hard work for you. Whilst we are not certified Kosher kitchen, our meat comes with a Badatz Halak hechsher.

You have all the trimmings in the box. Simply grill your Arayes, drizzle with tahini, and for the brave of heart- top with our zingy schug. Together with homemade pickles, and moroccan tomato salad- that’s your lunch/dinner, sorted. 

  • What's in it for me?

    In this box you’ll find:


    Maghreb original Arayes pita pockets (KOSHER lamb and beef) - smallx6, bigx12

    Maghreb style Schug- coriander chilli paste


    homemade pickled red cabbage

    tomatoes and chillies

    Salad dressing

    Illustrated instructions

  • The important bit

    The big box feeds 5-6 people

    The small box feeds 3-4 people

    Allergens: gluten (pita), sesame (tahini), sulphites (pickles)